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See below the many disciplines we engage to create aerial drone video and aerial drone photography. Producing a drone video and drone photography requires a multi discipline skill set with each competent just as important and vital as all the others. We not only make complete videos, we can also assist with any of our disciplines and stand alone or multiple application for your next project. Contact Us Today!

Filming (shooting)

At Violafrank we use the latest dedicated cinema quality drone camera. Capable of shooting up to 6K in resolution, our drone services offer you the very best in visual quality. With 25 years in the photography sector we are well placed to create stunning quality.

Post Production

We engage with post production values and techniques with professional values and rigour. When necessary, we will hire post production experts that are specialists in their field such as producers, SPX, musical scores and title animation.


We are passionate about our editing. We use the latest professional software, calibrated monitors and edit in a non destructive manners to give you the best possible outcomes for your next project.

Colour Grading

Colour grading and image optimising is our ultimate expertise and skill. From a background in colour management expertise of digital colour spaces and as a leading educator in the use of colour principles and applications, you can be sure your colour is safe with us.


With an extensive career in advertising photography and university lecturing in fine art conceptual development, we are an ideas and application factory. Talk to us about what your next project and we can discuss possibilities.


The Integrity of colour management in the digital age is of the utmost importance to ensure the best reproduction values. We usually shoot in the RAW video format and utilise our extensive knowledge of colour spaces and video codecs to ensure you the best quality for your projects.

Pre Production

Pre Production is essential for successful outcomes from any shoot. Pre Production will included the necessary site planning and aviation permits if required. Discussion pertaining to output mediums, locations, concepts, etc.


Safety is paramount with any aviation exercise. We will not take risks with regard to the safety of people, equipment and or infrastructure. Each project will have a full risk assessment conducted prior to flying.

Ground Based

The drone we use can also be used as a land based capturing device. The drone and camera must be together to work. Although it can look odd, we can shoot from a tripod, or even tethered to other vehicles such as cars.

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Due to the nature of being outdoors our flying conditions are governed by the weather conditions on the day. We cannot fly in rain, or extreme wind and dust. The lighting of the scene is also dependant on the weather and time of day.


Professional Drones are classified as aerial vehicles and must abide to all airspace rules as governed by The Civil Aviation Safety Authority. CASA. Occasionally we require specific permission to fly in some airspaces.


Highs winds create stabilisation issues for video footage and highten safety concerns. Wind above the ground is often vasty different to ground level. Flying at the edges of valleys, cliffs and mountains can encounter extreme winds.

Lens Choice

With over 25 years experience in professional and academic photography with have intimate knowledge of lens selection and choices. Stabilisation issues sometime occur with windy conditions and will also influence lens choice.


We do not record sound but can facilitate it. Music and sound effects that accompanies final footage needs to be sourced and permissions granted. We use sound stock libraries for quality and choice.

2K, 4K, 6K, ?

We will always capture in resolutions slightly higher than the output resolution for the project. Shooting in larger formats require greater editing time due to larger data and therefore added expense.

Who is ViolaFrank?

ViolaFrank is named after the grandparents of Craig Shell. Craig brings along 25 years of progressive professional photographic experience, with many career highlights. After a successful professional practice Craig entered the academic environment as a lecturer in Photography and Fine Art and has completed two past graduate degrees. Shooting motion from the air is my new passion.

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