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By ViolaFrank

Our professional drone services include the use of a cinematic camera up to 6K in resolution. Although our professional drone is capable of speeds up to 94km/h although we prefer slower and more considered video captures. We are a professional drone pilot, and image and colour experts, based in Melbourne, Australia. Below we list some of the professional drone services we provide. Always feels free to contact us here with any request.


We can conduct site inspections for risk assessment of any site at a more cost effective outcome than sending personal into the location. Our drone services can visually inspect the condition of rooflines for maintenance and report faults.


The use of drones in the Real Estate sector is growing in popularity. From aerial viewpoints of properties and houses for sale to surrounding attractions. We can also fly indoors in larger commercial real estate buildings.


Drones are effective to assess the success of irrigation and or environmental sustainability on farms, land holdings, golf courses, parks, property and the like. We can rapidly determine areas of concern requiring further attention.


Teaming with building inspections and construction management we can quickly report on any infrastructure condition from existing structures and those during the timeline of construction phases.

Climate Change

Climate change, risk and environmental sustainability are fast becoming a major commercial consideration for any industry required to report to their investors. Drone footage can quickly provide a viewpoint of climate and sustainable development goals.


As former professional photographers we also provide still photography for many purposes. Our skills in this profession will ensure the utmost quality for your photographic needs and publications.

Music Video

As a video maker and editor we can provide the necessary film and video production for your next music video clip. We can shoot from both the air and as a stand alone ground based camera. Talk to us today.


We love making fine art and working collaboratively with other artists to either showcase artistic work. We can provide productions values fitting and complementary to conceptual ideas and desired presentations. Send us an email to discuss.


Athletes, teams, and coaches can benefit from drone footage to assess their performance, training and techniques. A slow motion capture of running technique for example, allows coaches to assess for athletic and team improvement.

Action and Adventure

We love making action and adventure videos and films and similar activities here at ViolaFrank. We can shoot your favourite passion in dynamic ways to best showcase what you enjoy. From street to country, we have you covered.

Motor Sport

Working in with drivers, motorcyclists and other motor sports we can create any sort of motorsport video for you. We can deliver dynamic results for you pursuits and use aerial footage to assess your techniques and cornering on a race track.


We can shoot just about anything you desire. The drone services we offer are not limited only to the topics and subjects on this page. We are open to capturing your ideas and exploring the possibilities that only modern professional drones offer.

Who is ViolaFrank?

Violafrank is the Professional Drone Services owned by Craig Shell. Craig has over 25 years of photographic experience.  As a photographer in the advertising and commercial industry, Craig completed many commercial projects and was awarded numerous advertising and photography awards. Craig also directed a number of Television Commercials and video music clips.  Combining a successful professional practice Craig entered the academic environment as a lecturer in Photography and Fine Art,  and has completed two post graduate degrees. Craig’s fine art photography has been exhibited both locally and internationally. Craig brings a wealth of multi disciplinary skills and expertise to provide drone services for clientele from both an artistic viewpoint coupled with technical image pedigree. ViolaFrank is named after Craig’s grandparents.

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