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 At Violafrank our drone services specialise in creating cinematic aerial footage.

At ViolaFrank we fly professional drones, or, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles – UAV – our Drone Services specialise in creating cinematic drone video footage and productions for all types of clientele.

Professional drones and their cameras offer endless applications for recording both aerial video and aerial photography. From movie making, online advertising, music video clips, asset inspection, real estate, etc. to just about anything. If we can safely fly, we can produce for you anything you like.

We are innovative, curious, spontaneous, inventive in our approach, and professionally passionate about our work. Being sensitive to your needs and timelines and budgets, we work with you as a team to ensure the best possible output for your needs.

If you need a Melbourne Drone Operator, talk to us and we can tailor a solution from the endless possibilities available to us. 

We Love Doing What We Do.

There’s an excitement about flying modern professional drones to capture beautiful footage. These innovative machines and their camera quality is truly amazing. As professional drone operators, at ViolaFrank, we use the world’s best dedicated drone camera and lenses, shooting up to 6K in cinematic quality. With a professional and creative approach to everything we do at Violafrank, we are passionate about the footage we capture, passionate about our colour grading, passionate about our editing, passionate about the concepts, and mostly, passionate about delivering outstanding outcomes to you.

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